Low Cost or Free Advertising Techniques Part 3 – Blogging

In today’s modern world, people are given the freedom and resources to express themselves in a variety of ways. We paint, dance, sculpt, write and make music, act, produce crafts, and we even dress up. But of all the forms of expressions made available, I would say that the oldest and perhaps still the most preferred one is the art of writing. I bet nobody would argue if I say writing is very much alive until today, although slowly it is now taking its new forms. Blogs are needless to say one of the modern forms of the art of writing.

The word ‘blog’ comes from the two words “web blog”, and it wasn’t only until the year 1999 when Peter Merholz used the phrase “we blog” that we came to know the word ‘blog’ as it is known today. Basically, a blog is a written online post; either it’s a part of the website or the entire website itself. It is usually maintained by an individual writer and it can be of any topic under the sun.

There exist different kinds of blogs according to their content, device used, media type or genre. Hence we have the travel blogs, fashion blogs, education blogs, art and music blogs. A blog made of videos is called a vlog while one that is composed of photos is named as photoblog. Those written by a mobile device can be called moblog.

Because of its being widely encompassing and its relatively large market, people are beginning to see both its personal and social relevance. Freedom of expression is one especially that a person can opt to remain anonymous. Blogs are also starting to be seen as a source of reliable information, although they are not to be confused with mainstream media. Not only are the youngsters and students who read blogs but also professionals and experts such as columnists and even marketing men. Since blog communities are interactive, blogs are even beginning to become a venue for career and business. Advertising for one can happen with blogs and bloggers can freely express their opinions, giving the firm opportunity to hear what their customers need to say with their product or service in the most convenient way. Even politics are using blogs to create image.

Blogs are now commonly used to gain revenue if you are promoting a product or service. It is now widely used by internet marketers to gain more sales or create their own branding with their dedicated audience. There are different and proven ways to monetize your blog and it is the best way for you to share and advertise the product or service that you are promoting. You, as the blogger will have total control over it. You can approve or disapprove comments made by other people in your blog. It all depends on how you handle it. You can use free blogging platforms like WordPress, Blogger, Live Journal, etc. or you can have your own domain and use the site as your blog. You will have to shed money for the domain and hosting but if you think it’s worth it, then it’s worth the money.

Driving traffic to your blog is another task that you need to undertake to have your own audience. There are lots of different ways to drive traffic to your blog; it can either be paid or free methods.

However, like any other form of art, blogs do have their negative implications. There have already been cases when bloggers were sued because of the anti-racist or anti-state content of their blogs. Employees were fired because of the defamatory remarks or of exposing trade secrets of the respective firms they are working with. Although anonymity is possible, with enough technical skills, tracing and hacking the source of the blogs is very possible as well.

Nonetheless, there is no reason to fear blogging at all. We can avoid all its negative consequences if we only play by the rules; although there really is no definite set of rules on how to make a great blog or to start one. If you are interested, a good step perhaps would be to ask yourself what interests you best that you can almost completely write anything about it. Then you can surf the net as to what blog community would give you the venue.

One writer, a fellow blogger himself, states that those who wanted to start their own blogs must be brave enough to express what they want and to try out new ways to make their blogs readable and memorable. They can be contrarians, taking the opposite stand, or they can use quotes and visions. They can choose the tone of their post and even use humor or drama to create an impact.

The key here is to be creative and play with words. It’s like any other form of writing. If you would ask me, a great blogger would have to be someone who doesn’t expect that his blog would make it big, but rather finds joy in expressing himself. After all, a blog is an art. Why don’t you try making one and judge it for yourself?

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WordPress Blog Hosting – What Are the Benefits?

There are millions of blog posts getting published in the internet every day. Starting from personal blogs to educational blogs to marketing blogs, people around the world have lots of things to say. However, while sharing your thoughts with the rest of the world if your blogging platform does not support you properly, then you cannot reach out to as many people as you would like to. WordPress has been the platform of choice for thousands of veteran bloggers for some time now. Here we try to find out what are the benefits that separate WordPress from rest of the platforms.

It Is Free but Powerful

To host a blog on WordPress, you do not need to pay a single penny. Just register, create tour blog and write away. But being free does not mean it is not good enough. WordPress offers a smooth editor for creating posts, loads of intuitive features, tons of beautiful themes and many widgets while managing to stay free at the same time.

No Worries about Traffic Loads

One of the main issues regarding self-hosted blogs is the poor handling of high traffic loads. If the blog gets popular and more people start logging in everyday, the blog should be able to handle this increased traffic. With WordPress hosting, the traffic load is completely handled by WordPress so you get guaranteed 24/7 uptime.

No Knowledge about Webhosting Necessary

In a WordPress hosted blog, everything is simplified so much that anybody can start blogging. This is a great place for beginners to get their blogging skills honed without worrying much about things like HTML and CSS. But in case you do want to play with the page source codes, WordPress provides the HTML version of blog posts as well.

Safe and Secure

A WordPress hosted blog enjoys automatic security provided by WordPress. There is no need to supervise security plugins, upgrade security measures regularly or finding out possible vulnerabilities. Everything is taken care of seamlessly by WordPress itself.

Advanced Anti-Spam Filter

WordPress provides heightened security against spam and useless comments. This is a great feature to protect your blog from people whose sole activity over the internet is to post urls to their sites on every blog possible.

Automatic SEO Facilities

After any new content is added to your blog, WordPress automatically pings top search engines notifying the changes. Search engine pings are useful to let search engines know about the updates to your blog and result in the pages of your blog being crawled faster. WordPress takes care of this for you automatically.

Tons of Widgets

WordPress provides tons of widgets to blog owners to make their blog posts more interactive and attractive. There are various widgets available that make navigation around your blog easy, provide useful information to visitors and mainly make your blog a lot more fun.

As you can clearly see, WordPress offers a free blog hosting service that is fully loaded with attractive features and also very simple to use. It is the best starting point for beginners and also offers handsome usability to intermediate and veteran bloggers as well.

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